This is «AutoAccelerator CRM». AutoAccelerator CRM is an automotive CRM that encompasses all facets of auto dealership CRM, lead tracking and follow-up in one comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive system. With the AutoAccelerator CRM Lead Management System, you will turn more un-sold prospects into sold customers, sold customers into happy customers, and happy customers into repeat customers.
Repeat Cycle.

Four Reasons to Get AutoAccelerator CRM Now!

Our Lead Angels

1Your personal Lead Angel will always be watching over you, protecting your automotive CRM investment. She will help you follow-up with leads and keep customers happy and loyal. She’ll set warm appointments for your sales team from our software and even remind Joe to log his leads. No, you’re not dreaming…

Lead Angel
Our Services

2You’re the Sales Expert – do your job, not ours! While you’re busy closing deals, we’ll be busy managing your auto dealership crm, mining your database and keeping customers happy. In our spare time we will be calling yesterday’s leads and setting tomorrow’s appointments.

Our Services
Cutting Edge Technology

3Our developers live on Red Bull and CRM. When they’re not busy developing our mobile automotive CRM iPhone, Blackberry and iPad apps, they’re rolling out new features employing cutting edge technology that will make you want to give them a hug. But please don’t. They don’t like to be touched.

iPhone automotive CRM
Price. Period.

4Most automotive CRM services talk about competitive pricing. No one even comes close to our features, services and technology for the price. Why do we do this? Simple. We know you’ll love our product and it will make you more profitable. A profitable dealer is a happy dealer and happy, profitable dealers don’t switch automotive CRM systems. Period.

Our Services