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AutoAccelerator CRM (CFM) Receives Ford Certification

CFM has announced the certification of AutoAccelerator CRM as a Lead Management System for Ford, supplying real time leads, task management, and e-mail marketing that target the evolving needs of both dealers and customers.

LAS COLINAS — November 30, 2011 — Customer Focused Marketing (CFM) today announced the certification of AutoAccelerator CRM as a Lead Management System for Ford. Ford is automatically notified on the lead response data and is able to monitor and manage the effectiveness of the overall program. The efficiencies resulting from this certification will enable dealers to increase the number of leads they manage while also providing them more time to focus on marketing and selling cars.

With CFM’s certification from Ford, dealerships using AutoAccelerator CRM are able to effectively work internet leads and provide the necessary feedback and attention required for customer retention. Throughout the entire buying process, AutoAccelerator CRM enables users to accurately keep track of their customer database, which in turn allows for increased efficiency and productivity. Users are able to manage leads, send e-mails, set appointments, and schedule their follow up activities with ease—ultimately creating lasting relationships.

This state-of-the-art CRM tool excels over the competition by incorporating Lead Angel, a stress-free service that enables the dealership to run at its full potential by empowering salespeople to focus on selling cars and closing deals. AutoAccelerator CRM also prides itself in being the only managed CRM system. Process Managers monitor each dealership’s usage and task management, and proactively communicate innovative ways to ensure AutoAccelerator CRM is being used to its full potential.

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