AutoAccelerator CRM provides all of the features you need to get your internet leads off of their computer and behind the wheel of a new vehicle. Users are engaged by AutoAccelerator's simple, efficient and fun-to-use system. Internet leads are seamlessly and automatically imported into AutoAccelerator CRM and distributed based on routing rules you set up. Follow-up of internet leads is quick, easy and trackable. AutoAccelerator CRM equips you with the appointment-setting tools and processes to convert internet leads to bottom-line profit.


Lead Assignment

Ensure that your internet leads are promptly and seamlessly 
delivered to the correct salesperson. Use AutoAccelerator 
CRM’s Lead Assignment Rules to quickly schedule who 
should receive leads based on:

  • Day of the week
  • Time of day
  • Lead source
  • New/Used
  • Vehicle make

Immediate Lead Delivery and Text Notifications

Reduce lead response time because leads are seamlessly and instantly delivered to the CRM. We guarantee an under 2 minute lead delivery time. The second a lead is received, the salesperson can receive text or email alert on their cell phone ensuring an on-time response.


Smartphone Integration

Users opting to receive email notifications of new leads on their smartphone can send an email reply directly to the lead from their phone ensuring an on-time response and higher closing ratio.


Email Marketing

Send personalized, branded email campaigns with integrated vehicle information, photos, and specials to just one or hundreds of customers in seconds. AutoAccelerator’s Email Marketing module is a proactive way to reach out to customers and put them behind the wheel of a new car. Don’t see what you like and don’t want to create your own? No worries, give us a call and our graphic artists will create a customized, graphically-rich email marketing campaign for you in no time.


Customized Workflow

AutoAccelerator’s Process Manager module puts you in complete control of customer communication. No customer or lead will go untouched when you set a customized schedule for phone calls, tasks and friendly emails.


Email Photos and e-Brochures

Impress your customers with professional, informative emails that contain multiple pictures and product info of the exact vehicle they’re interested in. Easily drag and drop inventory pictures and e-Brochures into email templates or original emails.


Duplicate Detection

Eliminate the headaches of skating and duplication with our AutoAccelerator’s Dupe-Finder. If a new lead is imported that matches a lead in the last 90 days, the new lead is assigned to the salesperson that received the original lead.


DMS Integrations

Push and Pull data in real-time if you use Reynolds & Reynolds, ADP or Arkona DMS. Near real-time data is pulled for all other DMS solutions. Complete sales and service history is downloaded, purified and uploaded to your CRM for history and future prospecting.


DSP Integrations

Reduce keystrokes and send data to other Dealer Service Providers with one click. Integration is a 2-way street. We import and upload your inventory (with pictures) and call records, providing seamless integration between many different providers.


Customizable Reports

AutoAccelerator CRM’s reporting options are endless and in your complete control. Over 30 different pre-built reports can be grouped, sorted, charted, analyzed and exported in any format you desire. If you don’t have time to run the report yourself, schedule it to be sent to your inbox any day, any time.


Advanced HTML editor for email and templates

Get creative with our fancy HTML editor! Insert pictures, format text, and insert hyperlinks to create your own professional, effective emails and email templates.


Measure Results

We make it easy to ensure user participation and results. Our manager Dashboards and Productivity module keep vital information right in the manager’s line of sight. At a glance, know who’s logging leads, who has overdue calls, how many appointments are coming in today and which customers have unresolved concerns. Perhaps you want to view ROI on a certain lead source or track your sales or gross profit goal for the month. All of these analytics are presented in a concise, graphically-rich manner, ensuring awareness and action.

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