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I have been with CFM since 1998 and wouldn’t consider using another method of following up with my customers. Classic Chevrolet is the largest Chevrolet dealership in the nation and we don’t have time to manage a CRM system in house. CFM manages our customer database and professionally and consistently follows up with our customers. Since most of the follow up contacts are mailed from our dealership, our customers think that we produced the letters ourselves. This combination of outsourcing and personalization has really helped us build our repeat sales to over 80% of our total business. CFM’s system works great for the small to medium size dealer as well. There are multiple dealerships of various sizes in the Classic family of dealerships and CFM works well with each one, resulting in the same results as Classic Chevrolet – higher profitability, easier sales and improved CSI.

- Tom Durant, Owner – Classic Chevrolet

I have worked with CFM since 2005. During this time, they have been instrumental in helping us build our repeat and referral sales. We are currently one of the top selling Toyota dealerships in Texas. We use CFM’s lead management website, AutoAccelerator.com and their Sales Follow-Up component and find it to be the perfect fit for us. The entire staff at CFM is a pleasure to work with. We can call after hours and on the weekend with a request and they are always there to help us with a get-it-done attitude. Since partnering with CFM, I have referred them to each dealership in the Freeman Auto Group. I would not own a dealership and not have CFM providing the relationship management. That’s how strongly I recommend them.

- Dane Minor, General Manager – Freeman Toyota

I remember when I arrived in Dallas to personally see what type of company we were getting involved with. Much to my surprise, I was amazed with the support staff, and the facility you had obtained. From the receptionist to call center associates, everyone was someone I would love to have as an employee. The focus and attention to detail you and your staff showed in attempting to get the information out of someone who really did not know what exactly they wanted was second to none.

From the first install even my management staff was impressed with the knowledge and understanding each of your trainers had of the industry as well as understanding what works best. The continual support has proven itself far more valuable than we ever imagined. There has never been a concern or question that has gone unanswered or resolved. Since the install of Auto Accelerator we have had the luxury of seeing each of our location improve in so many different facets. From CSI, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, and yes of course selling More Cars !!!

From very early text messages to late night calls, our support specialist has always been there for all of us. This is the primary reason we have decided to expand your services, and add the addition of the follow-up mailer program. With this type of support we have been receiving it makes me believe this portion of CFM will only increase the results we are already seeing on a daily basis.

I personally wanted to thank you for compiling such a professional and knowledgeable team that is always willing to help no matter what.

- Charlie Daniel, Corporate Operations Director – Stevenson Automotive Group

CFM does a wonderful job of simplifying my customer follow up.  They have provided a consistent process that is very user friendly for my Sales and Service staff.

- Tony Bertschi, General Manager - Crescent Ford

I have been very pleased with AutoAccelerator CRM.  It makes following up with the customers a simple job. It is easy to stay on top of every deal.  No deals fall through the cracks, and no sales person can get lazy, and not do his job. I wish we had this years ago!

- Jim Conley, Sales Manager - Smoky Mountain Chevrolet

As a Used Car Manager, 80% of my department’s business is due to 3rd party Internet Leads.  I need a system that’s easy to use from the dealership and at home.  We also have several types of lead assignments and AutoAccelerator helps my team manage them easily.  My salespeople are able to see their information quickly without having to dig around for it.  I would recommend this system and their staff to any dealership.

- Daniel Munoz, Used Car Sales Manager – Classic Buick GMC of Carrollton

I’ve used 3 CRM’s in 2 years, iMagic, VinSolutions and now AutoAccelerator. I feel the technology is close to the same in all CRM companies. However, I want to talk about the real differences with AutoAccelerator. It starts with the staff, their customer service is great. Our rep is in the dealership about twice per week helping construct and implement processes as well as train users. They are always available to take a phone calls, days, evenings and weekends (even the owner). Requests and enhancements about the CRM and what we need to sell more vehicles are seriously considered and implemented immediately. It’s not just about submitting a “Service Tickets” to the IT guys or the programmers. They help you dig in and apply the technology of a CRM in the real world of a fast paced dealership. Meaning, you actually get results from the system. In addition, their reporting module is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It takes customizing a report to the a new level. It’s simple, fast and easy. When they say drag and drop…they truly mean it.

They also offer complementary services like lead phone follow up, sales follow up and service follow up to take some of the load off of the dealership. It’s a collaborative partnership and has been for the last 15 years, not just a vendor-dealership situation.

- Nate Fitzgerald, New Car Internet Sales Manager – Classic Chevrolet

We use AutoAccelerator. We are having good luck with it, especially after the most recent update. I like that it does more than just send letters and keep salespeople in contact with their new prospects and long term customers, though it does perform those functions better than programs I’ve used in the past. The driver’s license scanner helps speed up getting customers into the system. Using that feature to pre-fill paperwork with customer’s information is a great tool in keeping our process smooth. Can’t say enough good things about it (there are many other features we use everyday from management reports to email templates).

- Bryan Latham, Salesperson – Team of Navasota

We are currently using AutoAccelerator CRM tool. Let me tell you, this company is fantastic. Their set up was a breeze, their staff is incredible! Their support team is right there, always willing to get things fixed in a very timely manner. Their interface is very user friendly and flows great. We switched from ADP CRM which was too much of a power house for our dealership and was not very user friendly and neither was their support compared to this company that helps you every step of the way with a smile on their face. I would recommend them to any one! Their tag line is “we do everything including stir your coffee” and let me tell you, THEY DO!

- Katie Prentiss, Internet Sales Manager – Salvadore Auto Group

Our dealership was looking for not just a CRM, but a partner to communicate with our customers in a professional as well as personal basis. AutoAccelerator by CFM met all our sales and service needs, not only with our lead management but with their support and staff training. Their user friendly system makes it that much easier to navigate and stay on top of things with our customers. Mailers are all top notch and our rep is by the dealer weekly or on the phone checking with management. Quality group of folks!

- Steve Ellason, Service Director – Young Chevrolet

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